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Monday, January 14, 2008


Yesterday night, i watched news in one of tv channels in India broadcasting i heard the news of the rape of a Foreigner in Goa on Friday, 11th January 2008, she has a British nasionality. And one thing makes me shocked that there is at least five times of the same cases happen in the same time in Goa, i realize that there are so many rape cases happening in India it happens not only to the rest of foreigners but also to indians themselves. One of my friends also told me there was incident near her flat that there was a north-eastern Indian girl attacked by stranger and that man did sexual harrasment to her. Furthermore, the case about the assaulting of a woman happenned in Warangal, the district of Andra Pradesh done by mob. The villagers alleged her to kill her husband with the help of her lover. The mob's assumption could be wrong but they brutally assaulted her like animal, until she was almost half-naked.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Black English Vernacular As a Trend in Casual Chat

I choice this topic cause it's concerning to my subject that i study in one of lingustics branches, Aspect of Linguistics Behaviour. Black English Vernacular is spoken today in the Black population centers of the United States. According to William Labov in his book 'Language in the Inner City', ... Read more
the origins of BEV has relation with to the Creole continuum. The main things in BEV are such as the presence or absence of copula verb, the using of aint, the suffix -in' for the suffix -ing that has become phonemenon in adolescence style using that kinds of words in chatting.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Me and My Brother

Saturday, September 09, 2006

my friends


I have been two months in India now, but i still can not eat any Indian food. I do not why the food is tasteless in my tongue. The fact that i have Indian blood in my body but i can not stand eating any Indian food. India, especially Delhi is not an easy place to live cause i have to fight in facing my life in here. I never go a far from my mother actually just even for a single day but now i have to separate from her for two years for reaching my future may be. I know that getting a scholarship from ICCR is not an easy way coz i have so many rivals to get this scholarship especially from Medan,Indonesia. There are 20 people aplly for the scholarship from ICCR but only three people including me get the scholarship. It is such a blessing for me getting this scholarship coz it has been my dreams for five years ago to study in India. My lecturers in Faculty of Literature Islamic University of North Sumatra in Indonesia always talk about their memories studying in India. All of them say that the system of education in Indian is better than in my country Indonesia. Because of the reason i become very interested and after finishing my BA in November 2005 i apply for my admission to the Consulate of India in Medan. I have to wait for six months to hear the announcement from the Consulate of India about my admission whether i get it or not. During the period i am almost desperated but my mother always entertains me. She always supports me in facing eveything, i usually talk to her about everything i never hide something from her coz i dont have any friend near my home so i usually spend my time with her.
Now, i start studying in Delhi University in Faculty of Arts and my majoring is MA LINGUISTICS. I have so many friends coming from so many places over the world that i never imagine before, like Thailand,Mongolian, Vietnam, Iran, China, and many more.
How stupid i am coz never think that India has so many tribes, languages, castes, etc that makes India is extremely very different with other countries in this world. There is a tribe in India called Manipuri, the physical appearance of the people like chinesse people or oriental looks. I just wonder when i guess one of my classmate is China but actually Manipuri.
The thing that i hate in India is about the caste. Why people are differentiated from their colour of skin and many things.The fact that God create human beings to know each others not to humble the other ones whom their skin is not white, their blood is not noble, or may be they are not rich. When caste problem disappears in India, i hope the young generations of India will make changes in this case and make India become the better place for all the indian people. AMIEN